Bulging your buttocks, muscles and slimming your thighs or even erasing your saddlebags, the lower body remains the area that we most often seek to tone up.

While men store more in the belly, fat accumulates more on the buttocks, hips, upper thighs and sometimes on the arms of women. To great ills, great remedies.

We arm ourselves with a little courage each morning to do these five little exercises. Results? A muscular, firmed lower body in less time than you might expect.

The glutes Building the lower body necessarily involves working the glutes.

 And for that, squats are incredibly effective. We ensure a rounded bottom and refined thighs.

To do this, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms, inhale, then slowly lower until you have a parallel between your thighs and the floor.

Throughout the exercise, pull your butt back, shifting your body weight onto your heels, Wear the best waist trainer for your lower belly. Your glutes are contracted, your back straight and your chest out.

Go up slowly.

Do two sets of thirty movements.

The second exercise is the back kick. Still standing with your hands on your hips for balance, lean forward then push your raised foot back and put it back down.

You can use a fitness elastic to increase the difficulty. Do four sets of thirty movements (fifteen for each leg).

Thighs Workout

If you are a fan of running, keep going. An endurance activity allows you to “melt”. At the same time, we focus more on intensity for a streamlined effect.

This is where the lunges exercise comes into play. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, your back straight and your hands on your hips. Take a big step forward and flex both legs.

The back knee touches the ground and the heel is off. Return to the starting position and start again by changing legs.

Do ten lunges with each leg, four times in a row. The fourth exercise is the chair, or rather the imaginary chair.

Leaning against a wall, your legs are bent at a right angle, your arms at your sides and your abs tight. Hold the posture for 30 seconds then come back up.

Repeat the position three times. Size The famous “little buoy” is neither more nor less the point of fall of the subcutaneous fat, between the skin and the muscle, different from that around the organs called visceral fat.

To erase it quickly, it is impossible to miss the nutrition component. It is first of all essential to limit the intake of fats and sugars and to increase your consumption of proteins.

The fractional Exercise

Three times a week, we then opt for a sequence of intervals of only 4 minutes.

First, knees on the spot for 20 seconds, recover 10 seconds then repeat 8 times. To work the abdominals at the same time, extend your arms horizontally. Then follow up with burpees. Stand up, squat down, put your hands on the floor and throw your feet back.

Bring your feet between your hands to find yourself squatting again and jump as high as possible. Do as much as you can for 20 seconds.

Cool down for 10 seconds, then repeat 8 times. Finish with the climbing. In plank position, the body horizontal.

Bring the right knee towards the opposite arm, then do the same with the left knee. Do as much as you can for 20 seconds, recover for 10, then repeat 8 times. If possible wear best waist trainer for muffin top.

Muscle building

We then complete with sheathing exercises: a plank for 30 seconds then another lateral.

Then proceed with the position of the starting blocks. In the prone plank position, arms outstretched, raise the right knee as if you wanted to touch the right elbow and hold the position for 15 seconds then rest the foot.

Repeat the movement with the left knee. Finish with the spoon exercise, equipped with dumbbells.

Sitting on the floor, knees pressed against your chest. Balancing on the glutes, straighten the knees by contracting the perineum and at the same time tilt the bust backwards without arching the back.

Hold the position for 10 seconds.

Entire lower body

Without targeting a particular area, some exercises can maintain and especially muscle the lower body in its entirety.

Popular in playgrounds, but also in boxing halls, the jump rope allows you to build muscles quickly, increase endurance, melt cellulite, lose weight thanks to a significant energy expenditure and improve synchronization of movements.

First, jump with your feet together, back straight and

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