We have selected for you 10 easy exercises to do at home to lose fat quickly.

Circles With Arm Rotation:

Do circles with the arms Rotations with the arms to strengthen the back – Raise your arms. – Keep them parallel to the ground.

Make circles forward by tightening the shoulder blades for 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise by doing circles with the arms backwards.

Back Shoulder Incline

 Back, Shoulder Incline and Weight Routine Back and shoulder routine for back muscle building – Stand with feet parallel, hip-width apart. – Bend your knees slightly. – Lean the bust forward, pulling the shoulders slightly back. – Bend your arms and raise them, tightening the shoulder blades.

Lower your arms to return to the initial position. – Do this exercise for 45 seconds and cool down for 15 seconds. To enhance the effectiveness of this exercise, you can do it while holding weights. Be careful to keep your back flat and straight. You must not arch or bend it.

Inclination With Weights

Inclination with weights Inclination exercise with weights to strengthen the back This exercise is very close to the previous one: same starting position and same movement. But this time, you have to lift the weights 5 times in a row before reaching out to bring them back to their initial position.

This exercise should be done for 45 seconds in a row and then rest for 15 seconds. Here too, be careful to keep your back straight and flat: there is no question of bending or arching it!

Superman Exercise

The Superman Exercise Superman Exercise for Back Muscle Exercise Superman exercise is an extremely effective core exercise.Lie on your stomach, arms and legs straight and use the best waist trainer for lower belly fat with that.  Keep your arms and legs straight. – While contracting the abs and gluteal muscles, lift the arms and legs as high as possible.

Return to the initial position. – Do this exercise for 45 seconds then relax for 15 seconds. This exercise will strengthen the lower back. Warning ! The head remains in line with the back: the neck is in a neutral position.

We must not break the neck. If you ever have pain in the back of your neck, it’s because you are straining the back of your neck.

Parachute Exercise For Lose Fat

 Parachute exercise Parachute exercise to strengthen the back – Lie on your stomach, arms at your sides and use here the extreme tummy control shapewear as well to sweat more.  While contracting the glutes, slightly lift the chest and shoulders off the ground. The arms are also raised. The feet remain in contact with the ground. – Bringing the shoulder blades together, bring the arms back to shoulder level by bending the elbows. Then stretch your arms forward.

Reverse Lift To Strengthen Back

The Reverse Lift Do a Reverse Lift to Strengthen Your Back – Lie down on the floor. – Put your fingers behind your ears, your elbows touch the mat. – By contracting the muscles of the lower back, those of the glutes and the abs, lift the whole bust as high as possible. – Hold this position for a few seconds and go back down slowly.

Do this exercise for 45 seconds and release. Be careful, you shouldn’t just lift your head, otherwise you will put too much strain on your neck. If your neck hurts, you are straining too much.

Contract & Strain Back

Contract and strain your back Contract and strain your back to build muscle – As with the superman, lie down on the floor. – By contracting the glutes, abs and soliciting the muscles of the lower back, lift the bust.

Extend your arms forward. – Then tightening the shoulder blades, bend the arms to the sides and bring them back.

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