While there are several different types of strenuous exercises to burn the extra calories and fat accumulated over the midsection of most individuals, brisk walking or aerobic exercises are the easiest of all. Both of them remarkably help burn the internal belly fat that is famously known as visceral fat. This stubborn kind of fat not only contributes majorly to increasing your waistline inches, but also it is very bad for health. Now, let’s see how walking helps burn more fat than normal.

Top 5 Ways of Walking at its Best

If you are walking at a brisk pace, your heart rate maximally will be working at 60%. This is the right time when you need to intensify your walking workout in order to burn extra fat accumulated over your midsection. For this, there are several different ways, now let’s discuss them one by one:

Add more time and distance to your walking regimen

Try to make you walk as long as much as you can. That will help you to keep your body working very hard. However, keep your pace brisk all over the distance you walk.

Besides distance, walking additional minutes and hours while putting on extreme tummy control shapewear will help you burn much more stored fat than normal. But since everyone, today is leading a busy life and finds no extra time to walk for some extra minutes, increasing the walking distance is a more feasible option though.

Walk at a faster rate

Walk at a faster rate

The best things to work on walking at a faster pace include

  • A good posture
  • Back and forth arms motion
  • powerful stride and many more

Even if you are unable to go on long walks and prefer short-distance walks, then try to do it a little faster than usual. This will let you time up yourself while walking at a defined route and increase your intensity day by day. Also, it will allow you to challenge yourself every day to cover the same distance in the least time possible.

A scientific study recently proves that people walking at a faster rate tend to burn 50% more calories than those who walk briskly.

Add some intervals

No doubt, you can’t walk fast continuously while putting on best waist trainer for lower belly fat. Your body needs rest at some regular intervals while walk too. Intervals are the time when your body regains your speed for a defined set of time and distance. So, try to alternate a fast walk with a slow walk having some short resting intervals in between.

In addition to that, intervals are seen as good to add intensity to walking workouts and help increase the overall pace of a person. Some scientific research articles have also proven them effective in losing belly fat.

Use walking poles

When anyone walks all along the pole or around it, he adds up some intensity. In this way, using walking poles is also a type of walking workout that helps boost the calories and fats burning process of an individual. However, this is the type of exercise in which you do not feel like working much harder.

Adds stairs or hills while walking

Incorporating stairs or hill climbing into some of your routines walks help you to make your workout more intense and keep yourself challenged every day. If you don’t have access to any stairs or hills, you may also use a treadmill instead. That treadmill acts as a stair-stepping machine at the gym when practiced in an incline position. However, if you want to lose all your belly fat as soon as possible, then it is highly recommended to put on best strapless body shaper while walking on either stairs, hills, or treadmills.

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