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Love handles are somewhat considered to be a rigid body part of losing fat. But by putting on the best waist trainer for beginners and doing popular cardio workouts, and complete body strength training, you can melt away fat from your love handles within a short time. Also, with those strenuous exercises consuming a healthy diet is an essential thing. Losing fat from the love handles is not only suitable for your physical appearance but also your health. So, let’s discuss the top workouts below in detail.

Top 5 Love Handle Workouts

All the exercises below target the core muscles, particularly the lower back, obliques, and abdominal. Firming up all these portion’s muscles can help in tightening your overall muscles in a specified area. However, it would be best to manage to do all these workouts by putting on the best waist trainer for mommy pooch. Moreover, combining a healthy diet along with them will help you melt away fat from your love handles faster than ever before.

Side Plank Lifts

  • Lay on any of your sides by utilizing elbow for position support
  • Ensure that your elbow and shoulder are precisely in a straight line
  • Now, spread your palm out entirely in order to have better support
  • Put both your feet over each other and lift them together
  • Hold this entire position for almost 2 seconds
  • Bring your legs down and repeat the whole process back again

Plank Dips

  • Staring from an elbow plank, gradually rotate the spine to lower down your left side hip just 1-2 inches above the floor.
  • Then, reverse back to elbow plank as mentioned in 1st exercise
  • Subsequently, lower down your right-side hip down towards the floor
  • This whole process is considered as one rep.
  • Try multiple reps

Ab Bikes

  • First of all, balance your booty in the form of a V-shape. You can do this by taking both your hands and upper body behind your back.
  • Then bring up your legs to a 45o angle.
  • After that, lift up your right-side knee towards your chest region and crunch up high enough that it meets your left arm elbow, and then take it down back.
  • Repeat the same process for the left-side knee and right arm elbow correspondingly.

Heel Touches

  • Lay down flat on the ground with your back in a straight position, and your knees bent and sharply pointing upwards to the ceiling.
  • With both your arms extended on sides, try to raise your shoulder a little above the ground.
  • Then by utilizing your abs, try to rotate your right hand down up till your right-side foot and then reverse back up.
  • Similarly, repeat the same process for the left hand
  • Try to alternate back and forth according to the desired number of repetitions.

Side Crunches

  • Kneel down on the flat floor and lean all the way to your right side.
  • Then place both your palms on the floor.
  • Try to maintain your balance.
  • Then very slowly extend your left leg outside and point your toes at the ends.
  • Place your left hand right behind your head, exactly pointing your left elbow up to the ceiling.
  • In the next step, gradually lift up your leg up to the hip region height, similar to extending your arm above your leg.
  • Remember throughout this, keep your plans facing forward
  • Look out properly over your hands while dragging the left side of the rib cage towards your hips
  • Gradually lower down your starting position and repeat the above process.
Muscular shirtless sportsman lying on mat doing abdominal twist exercise on white studio background.


Carefully practice 15 repetitions of each workout and repeat three complete sets.


It may be very tricky to melt away fat from your love handles because muscles attached in the lower back of the pelvis and the spine are present in very different directions. Some of them run up or down, while some others are in a diagonal position. Therefore, you should do all the exercises mentioned earlier with extreme care by putting on the best waist trainer for a plus-size long torso. They target the love handles fat and tighten all the back muscles from different directions and angles.

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