Many people may be looking at how and where to store your body shapers with the shifting season. Besides the changing of the season, there may be several other reasons when you may not be putting on the best waist trainer regularly as you may be

  • Suffering from some disease
  • Recently gone through a surgery
  • Might have an accident or injury and many more

Therefore, given below are some easy ways to store your waist training undergarments safely when not in use. And take them out back again whenever you require a slim body figure back again with them.

Laced And Laid Fully Flat in A Drawer

The first and foremost method is simply laying down your waist trainer muffin tops flat in any of your furniture’s drawers. For this, you will have to do the following steps

  1. First, tighten the laces of your waist training undergarments until there remains no gap in between the wearing.
  2. Then tie off the excess remaining lace into a bow
  3. Afterward, pull it up straight as much as you can
  4. Finally, tuck it inside the garment at the central back area

After following all the steps mentioned above, now you will be able to place them flat in a drawer covering the least space. In addition, you can fold them twice or in thirds for easy placement for corsets having more than a single compartment.

Rolled Up and Placed in A Bin

The second way of storing your waist training undergarments is rolling up and placing them in a side bin. That method comes next to storing in a closed drawer because depending upon the boning pattern or shape distribution, some of them may not fold very well. So, they are better rolled up and placed in a bin in a semi-upright position.

The following are some tips for it:

  1. Unlace the garment and roll it towards yourself
  2. Begin rolling from the studding side of the busk
  3. Keep the fashion fabric side facing outwards
  4. Catch the ribbon loops when you reach the lacing gap while rolling
  5. Be very careful while rolling up the waist trainer of mommy pooch, as they contain steel bones that may get damaged during rolling.

Hanging Them on A Hanger with Laces Tied Up on Them

That is one of the most feasible methods for storing corsets while covering the least space. In this method, you have excellent relief that you can either hang them laced on unlaced whatever is easy for you. However, hanging unlaced may make it easier to get back into them within no time.

Some of the vital tips and tricks regarding hanging them include:

  1. Flop down your undergarment on a hanger or the hanging bar in the cupboard simply.
  2. Keep them suspended over them with the help of their laces
  3. Use a study hanger or rod because those with thick steel bones may cause dropping or bowing due to overweight.
  4. Protect the fragile fabric trainers at a slight distance from each other
  5. Try to maintain the equivalent between all the hanged varieties of waist trainers and corsets that you have in your wardrobe.

Dos and Don’ts for Storage

Now, as you are well aware of some of the top ways to store your waist training undergarments safely, you might be thinking of trying any of those if you are no longer using them every day.  

However, the following are some dos and don’ts of placing them safely so that they might don’t get harmed or collapsed.


  1. Stack all the variety of your undergarments in a single place
  2. Find a safe place in your cupboard where children or other people hand can’t reach easily
  3. Handle and place them with extreme care
  4. Tie up the extra laces in a bow so that they might intermingle
  5. For protection from dust and air pollutants, keep them wrapped in either a
  6. corset bag
  7. pillowcase
  8. nylon cover
  9. plastic sheets
  10. piece of fabric and many more


  1. Do not place any snagging thing closer to delicate fabric undergarments
  2. Avoid harsh rolling of steel boned corsets
  3. Prevent bringing the hanged waist training garments close enough to each other.

So these are the methods to Store the Waist Trainer Undergarments Safely. We have seen many Places that are brand in these things some of them are, Hidethatfat they types of products really gives you results and you will follow these tips and techniques to keep them safely.

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